Who you buy with matters.

Buying is more than an investment, it’s a milestone in your life.

At Tom Cross, your vision is our priority. Whether you’re looking for your first home or a lakefront cottage, we are dedicated to finding you the perfect property that checks every box: want, need and “in my dreams.”

Finding you the perfect property starts with getting to know you. Tom will adopt your needs as his own and advocate on your behalf throughout every step of the buying process. Keeping your vision for your dream property in mind, Tom will ensure every detail is in place before doing the deal. A skilled negotiator and strategic planner, you can rest assured Tom will reach the best agreement possible for your purchase and get you to the finish line.

But that’s not where the relationship ends. Tom will be with you before the sale, during and after. When the time comes to hand over the keys, Tom will be there to celebrate the new memories ahead for you and your family.

Chill the champagne. Your dream property awaits.


Who you sell with matters.

Selling your home or cottage, a place that holds important memories for you and your family, is a big decision. It’s one that Tom understands from experience. Choosing the right person to put it on the market? That’s a critical one. Your property means a great deal to you, and Tom vows to honour that.

Tom can help you with the overwhelming aspects of selling a home, from the establishing property value to cleaning it out. Through experienced negotiation and wide-reaching marketing strategies, Tom will ensure your home is hitting maximum exposure for the price you want.

Make your selling experience worthwhile. Sell with Tom.

The advantage of working with Tom Cross.

  • He’s an expert in Muskoka waterfront real estate.

    Tom has spent his entire life exploring the Muskoka region. Learn more about Tom’s background in Muskoka.

  • He doesn’t settle.

    Tom is dedicated to finding the best property for his clients. He is motivated by finding the perfect fit that will bring his client’s joy year after year.

  • He is experienced in appealing to specific demographics of buyers.

    Tom has extensive experience in marketing and sales and uses a successful local and internationally proven marketing strategy.

  • He takes an individual approach.

    Every person is different. Every sale is unique. Tom caters to each client’s individual needs.

  • He uses the latest technology to show off the majesty of your property.

    Tom’s multi-media approach captures every stunning angle.

  • His partnership promises responsiveness, timely communication and availability during off hours.

    Tom promises a partnership with his clients that goes beyond the work week.

  • He will continue the partnership after the sale.

    Tom values his relationships with clients above all else and will be there to answer questions and address concerns any time.